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Message from the President

Highly appreciate to your choice of our “Doujima Suehiro” for spending your relaxing time of dinner. You will enjoy your dishes, and in the same course, you will take in an impressive sense of Mingei to see the collections displayed in this house, it is our sincere hope. In this menu,we introduce over Mingei and the short history of Suehiro in addition to the presentation of dishes. We shall be grateful if you could just look into the profound spirit of Mingei even for a while,before your order becoming ready or in the interval while choosing the dishes. Cuisine,given life with the ultimately chosen stuffs;Mingei, simple, warm, and can b e touched directly. Please do enjoy the both to the full today.

Ichiro Miyake

Company Profile

Company Name Eirakucho Suehiro Honten Co., Ltd.
Address 1-11-11 Sonezakishinchi, Kita-ku osaka-shi, Osaka
5300002 JAPAN
Telephone +81 6-6341-1638
Ichiro Miyake


History of Suehiro

Founded in 1910 as Western restaurant Kotokusha in Kitashinchi, Osaka. After that, it opened as a beef specialty restaurant that mainly served Suehiro-style steaks that were charcoal-grilled and served with soy sauce and mendetail butter. We have spread the name of Suehiro all over the world.

Traditional taste

Kitashinchi is famous as the stage of Chikamatsu Monzaemon’s tragic love story “Sonezaki Shinju”. Suehiro is the birthplace of Suehiro for more than 100 years, and has become famous nationwide for its sukiyaki and beefsteak, and continues to please many gourmets. The Suehiro head office was built on the current site in 1951. It was the first so-called “folk art style Suehiro” with a three-story wooden structure. This was due to the influence of the previous owner Chuichi Miyake, who was devoted to the Mingei movement, and it also became the defining image of Suehiro.

Origin of “shabu shabu”

The Suehiro Honten is well known for inventing “shabu-shabu”. Today, it can be said that it is one of the representative meat dishes in Japan, but its origin was invented in 1952 by the previous owner.
Preserving this pride as the originator, Suehiro Honten serves our customers with the utmost care as a high-end meat restaurant. The beef used is carefully selected from the finest Kuroge Wagyu beef. This is the original “shabu-shabu” that attracts many fans. The carefully selected sesame seeds are mashed for 10 hours, and the sesame vinegar, which is prepared by the owner himself every morning, continues to attract many fans today.
Origin of

Suehiro and Shiko Munakata

The world-famous Mr. Shiko Munakata and the previous owner have been friends for a long time.

His works are very compatible with folk crafts, and people who dine can enjoy three things: dishes, tableware, and paintings. In addition, everything from the menu to the wrapping paper is used by Shiko Munakata at Suehiro Honten Store.

Kenkon Isso Tei

Drawn by the world famous woodblock artist Shiko Munakata who had friendly associated like a family with Chuichi Miyake,the precedent owner of Suehiro, at the Miyake house. Carp was originally the favorite object of Munakata’s work.
Forcibly jumping carp in this piece expressed his wish for Suehiro’s prosperity.