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Beef Steak Specialty Store Suehiro

“Suehiro Annex Eirakuso” (1930)

As the time passed, the Western food restaurant “Koutokusha” unified the name to “Suehiro”. On March 10 in the 5th year of Showa (1930), the signboard “Beefsteak Restaurant Suehiro” was first shown at Sonezakishinchi.

The number of customer kept increasing afterwards to get famed by mouth-to-mouth. And in the 9th year of Showa (1934),”Suehiro Annex Eirakuso” was established, which was the origin of our current restaurant “Eirakucho Suehiro Honten”.

“Kuidaore” Osaka

Osaka, the birth place of Suehiro, is known as the city of epicurism called “Kuidaore”.It is surrounded by Matsusaka, Tajima, Kobe, each district is noted for producing top quality beef cattles in Kansai area. Favored with geographical feature, Suehiro could receive an ample and constant supply of flavored quality meat. By fully extracting its relish, Suehiro speciality beefsteak could have satisfied Osaka gourmets fastidious in tast e. The speciality, making the most of stuff’s true value, is still heiring its traditional taste today.

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