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The beginning of shabu-shabu

Shabu-shabu menu (1954)

After the World War II, people in Japan were distressed by deficiency of provisions. Physique of the youth who had to bear the next generation was far poorer than that of American.

To see the fact, Chuichi Miyake considered that improvement of dietary habits must be the first problem to be solved, and that a meat diet was a must for them. How to take more meat by light cooking···after two years trials, he developed to complete Shabu Shabu cooking to get a hint from the Chinese cooking “shuanyangrouguo”. The new cuisine was first printed on the menu in the 29th year of Showa (1954).

Now “Shabu Shabu” is synonymous with Suehiro and becomes intimate with many fans along with our peerless sesame sauce.

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