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Birth of Suehiro (Meiji and Taisho)

Opened Kotokusha (Meiji 43)

Suehiro opend its private history on March 10 in the 43rd year of Meiji(1910). Toshimatsu Ueshima, the founder opened “Koutokusha” restaurant at 2 chome, Dojima Kami, Kitaku, Osaka located currently in Sonezaki-shinchi.

Name of “Suehiro” (15th year of Taisho)

His business marked a great success well-timed on the Western food boom in Taisho era. In the 15th year of Taisho (1926), he opened a Western style bar also popular in those days. “Suehiro” was the new name flashed on him upon racked his brains to match with the times.
The name “Suehiro” symbolizes his desire to expand the business in long future. The combination of two characters consists of “Sue” (future) from his own name Toshimatsu Ueshima and “Hiro”(expand) from the company name “koutokusha”

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